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Did you know gets 130k (130,000) monthly visitors? We currently offer franchise opportunities in Florida but want to share the magic accross the USA. For Bungee Studios in the US but outside Florida we offer a powerful affiliate program.

Become an Astro-Durance Affiliated Studio and be listed as such in our locations directory on Take advantage of our search visability, brand recognition and volume of traffic. We draw a national audience but currently only operate studios in Florida. this leaves many people dissapointed when they search for a location. As an affiliate studio you can get that traffic directed to you!

As a bonus affiliated studios save 5% on all purchases on That works out to an average of $300 a year in savings!!

To join you you can sign up for the subscription here and include an affiliate notice and link  like below somewhere on your site.

Proud AD Affiliated Studio

We use Astro-Durance Bungee Equipment; Becasue only the best will do for our patrons.