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Total Body Bungee Systems

For fitness and rehabilitation professionals or home studios.

Our total body bungee system is a revolutionary aerobic and cardio fitness powerhouse. For fitness, rehabilitation facilities or personal home use.

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Astro-Durance Bungee Workout Equipment

A concept whose time has come. Our bungee fitness systems are affordable for consumers and lucrative for any business owner.  We help you by providing ASTRO-DURANCE Bungees and you can now have a Total Body Bungee Arena! Bungee workouts are the fun way for everyone to get in shape. A powerful aerobic and cardio workout anyone can do!

In a 30-minute bungee workout session our high cardio motion based workouts can help your trainee burn up to 1200 calories while adding no stress to their joints! Imagine how many 30-minute sessions you can provide in one day, multiplied by however many bungees you can fit in your fitness or rehab space.

The ASTRO-DURANCE is the original Bungee Training System. With right class structure can bring full return on investment in only three months! Bring joy and fitness to your gym or fitness studio. Our Bungee Systems can be added one station at a time or by the dozen. Our products is a studio tested and proven system. Even in a moderately sized 2,000 square foot studio it is possible to install 12 or more ASTRO-DURANCE Bungee Centers.

As other fitness centers have discovered cardio and aerobic workout powerhouse that anyone can do. A fitness workout for experienced fitness buffs to the disabled and elderly. Our systems are affordable even for the individual personal trainer to start their own business! Our Astro Hero Team will help you create the perfect start up package for your budget. Financing right through our website is available within hours of applying for those who prefer to take that step.

Our first class customer service provided by our Astro Hero Team will assist you from your first question, to beyond installation and your first training session. From that point your customers will begin to rave about how much fun they are having getting fit.

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