Astro Bungee Fitness Cord

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Single Astro Bungee Fitness Cord is only for replacement or in addition to those provided with our Astro-Durance Total Body Bungee Fitness Training Systems.

Our extra Single Astro Bungee Cord is intended to add additional resistance with other bungees inside a bungee sleeve. Each Astro Bungee Cord is 36 inches long and provides 35 pounds of in-motion bungee workout resistance.

Picture shown with sleeve BUT a sleeve is not included.

If you are seeking bungees WITH a sleeve select our 2 in 1 Astro Bungee With Sleeve or our 4 in 1 Astro Bungee With Sleeve.

Holds a maximum weight of 35 lbs

How Are Astro-Durance Bungees Better Than Others?

The patent-pending tube lining in our Astro-Durance bungees provides more buoyancy and stretch helping users to be lighter on their feet during training. Our design creates a much safer experience allowing users of all skill levels, including those with disabilities or needing rehabilitation, to maximize individual performance. Our patent-pending bungee sleeves are extremely durable and washable and protect the bungee cords we use a heavier fabric that won’t bunch up or fall down no matter how extreme your workout is.

To Calculate The Bungees Needed:
Bungees used in motion-based training stretch and break down over time, so when calculating the appropriate bungee set up for the user’s weight; Allow an additional 20 pounds plus the user’s weight for anyone doing a vigorous workout to ensure proper stretch for your bungee cords! Vigorous workouts place extra stretch, friction, and stress on the bungees. Not allowing for additional weight resistance will shorten the life of your bungees. Allow an additional 30 pounds plus the user’s weight for users that are overweight, or users that need rehabilitation, are limb different, or have debilitating conditions.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

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    very happy and so are my clients

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