Basic Bungee Business Docs


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It’s Here!  The coveted bundle of contracts, packages, forms, waivers, health assessment charts and tutorials! Many have asked for it and now- it’s available! $1199.00

Astro’s – Basic Bungee Business Docs.

Bungee Client Contracts, Forms, Pricing, Instructions, and other Important Paperwork! Just add your company name and info to the docs and make them yours!

Astro-Durance Bundle Of Docs Include:

*Tutorial on – Package pricing

How to put together and price your packages to suit your area’s demographics and target audience.

Plus – Bungee Packages for Private sessions, Group Classes, Partner Classes, Family Group Classes, and Kid Group Classes.

Patty’s secret formula “Package Contract” with disclaimers. (Four-page contract that includes all information, disclaimers and a waiver and release form built in. Ready for you to customize with your company name, logo and contact information!

Training Tutorial on: Your body and Astro-Durance bungee systems – how it works.

Covering major physical properties of the body and how Astro-Durance affects the body’s ability to function at optimal performance. Astro-Durance and its’ impact on your cardio, lymph (circulatory system), muscular forces, strength, endurance, core, weight loss, flexibility and balance.  Why people of all ages can perform movements they never could before with real health benefits.

Training Tutorial on how to do client body type assessments and step by step walk through.

  • Client Health History Form
  • Client Physical Assessment Form
  • Circumference Measurement Sheet
  • Client Progress Notes Form
  • Waiver and Release Form
  • Astro Work out Client Form
  • Photo and Video Release Form
  • Emergency Protocol Information
  • Incident Form
  • Cancellation Policy and Cancellation Form

Plus tutorial on employee versus independent contractor!

Tutorial on Licensing and Registration

Course Curriculum

  • Chapter 1- Intro and disclaimer
  • Chapter 2- Bungee training session packages
  • Chapter 3- Client contract
  • Chapter 4- Cancellation form
  • Chapter 5- Emergency protocols
  • Chapter 6- Photo – video release form
  • Chapter 7- Independent contractor – employee contact form
  • Chapter 8- Your body and astro-durance bungee systems
  • Chapter 9- Client confidentiality and assessment
  • Chapter 10- Step by step – getting the client ready
  • Chapter 11- Health history form
  • Chapter 12- Assessment form
  • Chapter 13- Astro-durance workout chart
  • Chapter 14- Waiver and release form
  • Chapter 15- Circumference measurements
  • Chapter 16- Client progress notes
  • Chapter 17- Employees versus independent contractors
  • Chapter 18- Licensing.